How to use green screen on Capcut ? An Ultimate Guide [2024]

By | January 8, 2024

Capcut is a popular video editing tool for users who love to use TikTok and make their videos highly appealing with video editing skills. Well, TikTok has the most downloads in the US App Store and many people are already using Capcut to make their videos attractive. It has an amazing user interface that comes with a plethora of effects and it also allows the use of Green Screen to make the video elegant. So let us know how to use Green Screen on Capcut.

Use Green Screen on Capcut

The Green Screen in Capcut can be removed in two ways, so let us know how to do it. But before making sure that you have downloaded Capcut on your Android phone.

# Use Background Remover

  • First of all, users need to open Capcut on their Android device and tap on the New project option.
  • Now if you are using this app for the first time then you have to grant some permissions and then choose background video clips and tap on the Add option once selected.
  • Then just tap on the Overlay option and tap on the Add Overlay.
  • Now just select the green screen video from your gallery and just tap on the Remove Background option at the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Capcut will automatically key out the green screen from the video, now you can proceed as per your video editing process.

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# Key Out Green Screen

Now, this option is available for both Android and iOS users. Let us know how it does it.

  • At first, users need to follow the same process as above till adding an Overlay.
  • After selecting the video, now just tap on the Chroma Key option.
  • Now you will get a color picker in front of your screen, so you can choose it at your convenience.
  • Then just tap on the Intensity option where you can reduce or improve the intensity of the color.
  • After making all the edits, now users have to tap on the right Mark at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you can reposition the video at your convenience and in the end, export in the best quality smoothly.

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How to use the green screen on Capcut

Using the green screen feature on Capcut is pretty straightforward once you know the steps! Here’s a breakdown:

1. Upload your video clips:

  • Open Capcut and start a new project.
  • Import the background video clip that you want to place your subject in.
  • Add your green screen video clip (the one where your subject is filmed against a green background).

2. Add the green screen video as an overlay:

  • Tap the “Overlay” button on the bottom bar.
  • Select “Add overlay” and choose your green screen video clip.
  • Adjust the overlay size and position to fit your background video.

3. Remove the green screen using Chroma Key:

  • Tap on the green screen video overlay in the timeline.
  • Scroll the tools at the bottom and select “Cutout.”
  • Choose “Chroma Key.”
  • Use the color picker to select the exact shade of green from your green screen footage.
  • Adjust the “Intensity” slider to fine-tune the green removal. You might need to play around with this to get the best results.
  • Optionally, adjust the “Shadow” slider to control any leftover green edges around your subject.

4. Refine and export your video:

  • You can further edit your video with other Capcut features like transitions, filters, text, etc.
  • Once you’re happy, tap “Export” and choose your desired resolution and frame rate.
  • Share your green screen video creation with the world!

Tips for optimal results

  • Use a solid, evenly lit green screen for best chroma-keying results.
  • Make sure your subject is well-lit and separated from the green background.
  • Play around with the Chroma Key settings to find the perfect balance between removing the green and keeping your subject’s edges clean.


By just following the above methods, users can use Green Screen on Capcut. We have explained everything briefly and we hope that you don’t have any queries related to this article.

How to use green screen on Capcut


Why should I use Capcut for editing TikTok videos?

Ans. Well, Capcut has a simple user interface, which comes with some amazing special effects. That is the main reason why it is preferred over all other apps.

Is Capcut available for Android users?

Ans, Capcut is available for both Android and iOS users but some features are still not working on iOS and the company is working on that.

Is Capcut a paid app?

Ans. Capcut is a free app for every user so it will be convenient for the users to use all the features of this app without paying a single penny for that.

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