How to use Capcut Editor App- Beginner’s Tutorial

By | April 26, 2022

As we know Capcut is a free video editing app that is available for Android and iOS users. It is coming with some amazing transition effects, adding layers, sounds, and making 3D photo videos. It is always necessary to know how to use this app before making your video uploaded on Tiktok. So let us know how to use Capcut Editor App.

As there are some basic things that every beginner should know about.

How to use Capcut Editor App- Beginner’s Tutorial

Cut the video

At first, users need to select the video they want to cut. Then there will be a white border that you can drag on any side whether it is an extended or shortened music video. The whole process gets started with this basic thing.

Add Layers

After selecting the video, now just tap on the selected video to start the edit menu. Then just tap on the Add layer option and choose any of the files that you want and just press Add. Now just position the layer at your convenience.

Add Transition

For adding transition to your video, you need to click on the frame and then just tap on the Split option. Now you have to click on the transition option and just choose any of the options presented there from the category.

Add Subtitles

Now if you want to add Subtitles to your video then just click on the Add Text option in the main menu. Then just start writing the text that you want to add as a subtitle in your video. Now if you want a ready format then you can tap on the Text Template option and choose the best template at your convenience. You can also add stickers to the video by just tapping on the stickers option, then just dragging the best stickers related to your video.

How to use Capcut

Add Audio Tracks

Now if you want to add audio tracks to your video then just select the Audio option on the main panel screen. There, you will get various options like Sound, Effects, Extracted, and Locution to choose from. You can choose any of the options and can add sounds and effects at your convenience. After adding the audio tracks, now you are allowed to make the audio short or long by just dragging it properly. So it will be very convenient for the users to choose audio and add them to the video.

Capcut for pc


1- Can we use Capcut for editing any type of video?

Ans. Yes, Capcut can be used to edit any type of video and can also share it on mobile without compromising quality. Then after, the video can get uploaded on any social media platform.

2- Is Capcut available for PC and Mac?

Ans. Capcut is not available for PC and Mac but if you want to use this app on a bigger screen then you have to download an Android Emulator on your PC and then you can download an Apk file on it to use it on your PC.

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  2. Mickenoos

    Many f the editing subjects use a technical name or term, unknown to a beginner. Is it possibe to write a dictionry of these terms , detailing what the word/action does of=r effect it has on the video/sound.


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